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Clean Energy Interns

Current Clean Energy Intern Projects

Social Equity Distribution of the MA Solar Market

Clean Energy Corps member Pranav Heryani is working with Professor Crago in Resource Economics and Professor Breger in Environmental Conservation and Clean Energy Extension to evaluate the equity impacts of the Massachusetts RPS Solar Carve-Out programs.  The state programs led to nearly 90,000 solar PV systems being installed between 2010 and 2018, and placed MA as one of the leading states in solar growth.  The research analysis will evaluate the state databases of the 90,000 qualified systems, and allocate the distribution of economic rents across these projects. 

Carbon Neutral PlanningJess with poster

A growing number of Massachusetts cities and towns have passed resolutions committing to the goal of 100% renewable energy or zero carbon emissions.  Introductory checklists and toolkits are available to aid communities in developing plans to move towards this goal, but the tools require further development and expansion to provide meaningful support for municipal planning.  Clean Energy Corps member Jessica Mooring is working with CEE Postdoctoral Research Fellow Zara Dowling to develop effective, user-friendly factsheets and spreadsheet tools to allow communities to identify clear and achievable paths to carbon neutrality.

Offshore Wind and Energy Storage

Corps members are working with CEE Director Dwayne Breger to develop a system dynamic model that simulates the energy, capacity, and economic implications of adding large-scale energy storage to offshore wind projects. Students are exploring the connections between the annual performance of offshore wind and wholesale energy markets to demonstrate and optimize the value added by storage to wind developers and ratepayers in the context of the anticipated offshore wind development off the coast of Massachusetts.

Read a summary of the modeling effort here: Modeling Approaches

Check out the project poster here: Offshore Wind and Energy Modeling - Poster


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Summer/Fall 2019 Clean Energy Interns 

Dugan Becker headshot

Dugan Becker

Westwood, MA

B.S. Natural Resources Conservation (2019)

Favorite Fruit:  Raspberries


Gabriella Fox headshot

Gabriella Fox

Acton, MA

M.S. Sustainability Science (2019)

Favorite Fruit:  Mangos


Pranav Heryani headshot

Pranav Heryani

Dubai, U.A.E.

B.S. Environmental Sciences and Economics Minor (2020)

Favorite Fruit:  Mangos



Ram Charan Khalsa headshot

Ram Charan Khalsa

Mills, MA

M.S. Sustainability Science (2019)

Favorite Fruits:  Peaches and Mangos


Devon Lukas headshot

Devon Lukas

Boxborough, MA

B.S. Physics & Astronomy (2021)

Favorite Fruit:  Clementines


Alden Mentzer headshot

Alden Mentzer

Needham, MA

B.S. Mechanical Engineering (2022)

Favorite Fruit:  Nectarines



Jessica Mooring headshot

Jessica Mooring

Hadley, MA

B.S. Natural Resources Conservation (2019)

Favorite Fruit:  Strawberries


Vaishnavi Nandi headshot


Vaishnavi Nandi

Mumbai, India

M.S. Sustainability Science, Urban Sustainability (2020)

Favorite Fruits:  Strawberries and Mandarins

Prasanna Srinivasan  headshot

Prasanna Srinivasan 

Chennai, India

M.S. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (2019)