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Research Overview

If any city or town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is thinking about becoming a Green Community, they need to use the UMass Clean Energy Extension team. Words can't express how good they were. You won't be disappointed.

Clayton Sydla, Town of Ware Green Community Committee

UMass Clean Energy Extension is committed to expanding the public knowledge-base that supports the advancement and adoption of energy efficiency and renewable energy in Massachusetts and society at-large. To that end, we are actively engaged in fostering applied clean energy research and development activities in three key areas:

UMass Faculty Seed Grants

UMass Clean Energy Extension provides seed grants to UMass faculty across all campuses through a periodic Calls for Proposals.  We seek faculty collaborators on research topics that are important and timely for clean energy market and policy support, and are open to suggestions for topics from faculty.

Learn more about current and past Faculty Seed Grants

University Research Partnerships

UMass Clean Energy Extension partners with university researchers to collaborate on external research proposals and activities. Working across University disciplines of engineering, policy, economic development, and entrepreneurship, we are able to draw partners from programs throughout the UMass system to meet research, development, and commercialization needs and opportunities.

Learn more about current University Research Partnerships

Industry Research Partnerships

UMass Clean Energy Extension is developing opportunities to foster clean energy industry partnerships, opportunities for applied research, demonstration or pilot projects, student internships and field research. We welcome industry research inquiries and ideas that have the potential to benefit the Massachusetts business sector, the clean energy market, and the Commonwealth as a whole.

Learn more about current Industry Research Partnerships