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Greening Municipal Fleets

Reducing fuel consumption by municipal vehicles is one way that Massachusetts cities and towns can save money, while also helping the environment.  However, reducing fuel usage can be challenging.  Vehicle fuel consumption on average represents ~20% of total municipal energy usage for towns involved in the MA DOER Green Communities program.  However, vehicle fuel usage reductions have only represented 2% of all energy reductions achieved by Green Communities to date.  This issue presents particular challenges for small rural communities, where vehicle fuel usage can account for up to 35% of municipal energy usage.

In order to help municipalities cut costs and achieve greater fuel efficiency, we are conducting research to identify obstacles to fuel use reduction and compile information regarding how to overcome these challenges.  The fact sheets below describe strategies and technologies that can be used to reduce vehicle fuel consumption in your city or town.


Fact Sheets

Idle Reduction Technology

Telematics Software for Vehicles

Alternative Fuel Vehicles for Municipal Fleets

Hybrid, Hybrid Plug-In, and Battery Electric Vehicles: A General Overview

Purchasing Electric Vehicles for Municipal Fleets - Coming soon.