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CEE staff lead Eureka! program on renewable energy

July 17, 2019

CEE staff River Strong and Zara Dowling, and intern Jess Mooring, led a two-day program to teach local middle-schoolers about renewable energy, as part of the Eureka! Girls, Inc. program.  The young scholars learned about how energy is transformed into usable forms, constructed solar ovens, cooked s'mores, and visited two local renewable energy facilities - the Holyoke hydroelectric facility and the biodigestor at Barstows' Longview Farm. 

Eureka! is a five year journey for teenage girls, preparing them to participate and excel in cutting-edge, dynamic STEM careers.  Eureka! scholars come together, the summer before eighth grade, for their first Eureka! summer.  The girls spend four weeks in intensive STEM programs either at UMASS-Amherst or through internships, field trips, and classes taught by local professionals.  The summer also includes “teach backs,” in which the girls present what they’ve learned to their families and special guests.


Youth Development and 4-H
Climate Change
Environmental Conservation