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Massachusetts Biochar Economics Study

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Project Goal: To study potential for sequestration of forest carbon in agricultural soils in Massachusetts, based on availability of woody biomass, availability of suitable soils for biochar application, commercially available pyrolysis technology, and estimated biochar production cost.

Project Description: Biochar production through a process called “biomass pyrolysis” has the potential to both produce renewable energy and provide net sequestration of atmospheric carbon. Massachusetts may be well situated for biochar production and use, having forest biomass resources, numerous medium-to-large scale commercial and institutional facilities that could use thermal energy from biochar plants, an existing woody biomass heating industry, and farmland for biochar soil application. Stakeholders including forestland owners, the forestry industry, commercial and institutional facility owners, and farmers could be expected to support a biochar industry. 

Energy topics: 
Biomass/ Biofuels
Energy Storage and Resiliency