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Mount Ida Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Class & Project Outline

This special topics course is being offered by UMass Clean Energy Extension (CEE) in the spring 2019 on the Amherst campus to (1) teach students the principles and methodologies of GHG inventory analysis and clean energy analysis, and (2) begin to collect data and information on the Mt. Ida campus. The two graduate and four upper-level undergraduate students from the class will then form a Clean Energy Corps cohort to spend the four weeks of the summer 2019 on Mt. Ida campus with the purpose of conducting a GHG inventory and evaluating clean energy opportunities for energy reductions through system controls, space management, and building energy efficiency measures and for renewable energy generation on campus. The Clean Energy Corps will engage with state energy agency staff in Boston, NGOs, utilities, and provide a report to the university with its finding and recommendations.


  • Spring Semester: One-credit class, Fridays 9-10, Holdsworth 306
  • Monday, June 3: Amherst campus (time and location TBD), full-time project planning.
  • Friday, June 14: Complete project planning at Amherst.
  • Monday, June 17: Re-locate to Mt. Ida campus (time and location TBD), begin project work.
  • Friday, July 12: Complete project work, depart Mt. Ida campus

Project Background

As the University takes on the ownership of the Mount Ida College campus in Newton, the site will become a substantial new facility subject to the Governor’s Executive Order 484 which sets aggressive goals for energy use reduction, renewable energy generation, and GHG emission reductions for MA state facilities. The Executive Order establishes the state’s Leading by Example (LBE) program, led by the Department of Energy Resources, to work with state facilities to measure, track and help meet these goals. The University will be responsible for reporting to LBE information on energy use across electricity and fuels for thermal energy and transportation, and to begin developing strategies for bringing the campus into compliance the LBE program goals. The project provides a research and public service opportunity for students helping the University in meeting these goals.