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UMass RIMpro Advisory Service 2017

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March 22, 2017

SORRY! SOLD OUT for 2017!

In cooperation with the New England Tree Fruit Research Committee (NETFRC), we will be offering a RIMpro advisory service to New England apple growers. From the RIMpro website (

“As consultancy organisation you can setup an unlimited number of weather stations. The weather data of each station are automatically extended with local weather forecast. You get access to all models available on the platform. You can manage all parameters of the models to your own experience, and set the biofixes for all stations based on your expertise and local information to provide your clients the best possible information. Your can create links on your companies website to the RIMpro server to provide your clients interactive access to your simulation results. The primary server link provides a geographic map showing and providing the access to all your stations. But there are also links available to each individual station and model to facilitate other web layouts.”

If you were to set up your own RIMpro service the cost would be 200 Euros plus $50 for weather data from your NEWA-Rainwise station (if you have one) OR from a virtual weather service provided by RIMpro (50 Euros). Because we are cooperating with NETFRC, we can offer our service for 150 USD (check made payable to UMass). A savings of $150 app. For that, you will get access to your own RIMpro output as well as other grower-cooperators throughout New England, short twice a week e-mails describing the the RIMpro outputs we are seeing, and individual consultation as needed. We will set up your RIMpro configuration so all you have to deal with is going to the map site and viewing your model output(s) and getting personal advisory service. (Plus pay us $150!) See back for example.

We need to get going on this ASAP and be up and running by green tip, so if you are interested please contact me right away. Feel free to shoot us any questions.

SORRY! SOLD OUT for 2017!

Jon Clements and Dan Cooley, UMass Amherst, 413-478-7219

UMass RIMpro Advisory Service 2017

RIMpro user map example

RIMpro apple scab model output example