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IPM Berry Blast

Massachusetts Berry Notes concluded publication in 2018 with it's 30th volume.  Archived issues are available at:


Starting in 2019 Berry information will appear in the Healthy Fruit Newsletter and in the IPM Berry Blast.  Both of these publications are seasonal in nature and will come out weekly during the growing season beginning in mid April and running until mid September.  Notifications may come out at other times if an important issue arises. 


Subscriptions for either of these publications are available through the UMass Extension Bookstore.  Go to


IPM Berry Blast is a weekly in-season publication that will provide seasonal observations and current pest, disease and weed related information.  Meeting notices will also appear in the IPM Berry Blast.  The annual subscription cost is $15/year. 


IPM Berry Blast Subscriptions are $15 per year and can be ordered through the Extension Bookstore

Or by downloading the 2021 Fruit Publications Order Form form and sending in a check.

We are very grateful to Nourse Farms , Orchard Equipment and Supply Co. (OESCo), New England Vegetable & Berry Growers Association and FMC Agricultural Products for their support in underwriting this publication so that it can be offered to you at a very low cost.