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Tree and Shrub Insecticide Active Ingredients: Risks to Pollinators and Other Non-Target Organisms

The following is a list of active ingredients useful in the management of insect and mite pests of ornamental trees and shrubs. To see information about the mode of action or chemical class to which the active ingredient belongs, pest insects or mites targeted by the active ingredient, hazard levels to honeybees, other beneficial insects, aquatic insects, and non-target organisms, click on the active ingredient of interest to expand the table.

*L = Landscape use; N = Nursery use listed if at least one product is registered for those uses in MA in those locations at the time this publication was drafted. If this document contradicts the product label, follow the product label. At least two different product labels, if available, were consulted for each active ingredient. Pests targeted and hazard levels represent multiple product examples.


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Tawny Simisky, Entomology Specialist
Last Updated: 
July 2018