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How to Order UMass Extension's 2024 Garden Calendar

Beginning January 2024, ordering is only available by mail and paid by check using either of these forms.

For orders of 9 or fewer ($14.50/ea + shipping) - click here.

For orders of 10 or more to the same address (see pricing on the order form) - click here.


Detailed Ordering Information

Orders for 9 or fewer:

  • Single copies of the 2024 UMass Garden Calendar are $14.50 each.
  • Shipping is free for up to 9 calendars until Nov. 1, 2023. For orders postmarked after Nov. 1, add shipping of $3.50 for one calendar and $2.00 for each additional calendar up to 9 (see chart on order form). 
  • If you would like to order gift calendars and have us send them for you, fill out those addresses as well.  Please notify the recipients that the calendar is being sent to them. 
  • Allow up to five weeks for delivery with free shipping. 
  • For guaranteed delivery by Christmas, order by December 1.
  • For faster delivery, order online. 
  • Tip: It is more economical to buy 10 calendars at the bulk rate and pay for shipping than it is for 9 calendars with free shippping.
  • For orders of 10 or more calendars to the same address, use the bulk order form below or order online.

Delphinium is the featured plant for July. Orders for 10 or more to a single address:

  • Orders of 10 or more copies of the 2024 UMass Garden Calendar qualify for special pricing, plus shipping and handling, and must be shipped to a single address in order to qualify (there is no free shipping on bulk orders)
  • To order by mail: Print the bulk order form, fill out your name, address, and contact information, and enclose your check made payable to University of Massachusetts. To order online, use the link above. 
  • Consult the chart on the form for the price per copy and the shipping and handling charge.  Please allow 7-10 days for shipping.