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Municipal Technical Assistance

CEE is committed to supporting Massachusetts municipalities seeking to (1) better understand, describe, and benefit from their clean energy options and opportunities, and (2) access potential funding sources and programs that can help get clean energy projects designed and implemented. To that end, we offer the following technical assistance to help communities recognize and assess clean energy opportunities, navigate state and federal incentives, and support project decision-making.

Municipal Energy Assessment - A “desktop” analysis of energy usage and clean energy opportunities across municipal facilities and infrastructure. 

Clean Energy Site Assessment - A building energy “walk-through” designed to help building owners and operators understand the effectiveness of previously installed energy measures, and identify new energy conservation opportunities.

Clean Heating and Cooling Screening Analysis - A pre-feasibility evaluation of the technical viability, investment cost, available incentives, and economic savings of appropriate CH&C technologies for up to 3 three municipal buildings.

Green Communities designation application and annual reporting support

Clean Energy Project Implementation Support - In addition to the structured services described above, CEE provides clean energy project implementation support to municipalities on a case-by-case basis.

We are also currently working with 21 municipalities in northwestern Massachusetts as part of the Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership.

If you require support for other types of energy efficiency or renewable energy projects – or clean energy needs/ideas not specifically listed above – please be in touch. We’ll let you know if we can provide assistance, or what other entities may be better able to meet your needs.

More Information

CEE is grateful for the opportunity to serve the communities of Massachusetts. Our goal is be available and responsive to questions, feedback, comments, or concerns. Please contact River Strong (, 413.545.8510) with any questions related to these services.