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About The Guide

The New England Small Fruit Guide is a publication produced jointly by the Cooperative Extension Systems of the Universities of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 

The Guide is also available in print and may be ordered from any of the New England Extension state publication offices. 

A pdf version of the guide is available for free download here: New England Small Fruit Management Guide, 2022-2023 Edition.

Table of Contents for  2024-2025 Guide

General information about berry crop production, including soil fertility and nutrients, soil management, cover crops, organic production, water management, produce safety, post-harvest handling, and much more.

Crops chapters: you will find recommended cultural practices, varieties and nutrient recommendations for each berry crop, along with specific information on management of weeds, insects and diseases for that crop or crop group. Pesticides for weeds, insects and diseases have been updated.

References and Appendices - Resources & Conversion Tables