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A modern, pedestrian apple orchard system(s) comparison using a scab-resistant variety and fire blight resistant rootstock

Principal Investigator/Project Leader: 
crimson crisp super spindle
Project Description: 

A modern, pedestrian apple orchard system(s) comparison using a disease-resistant rootstock and variety was planted in 2022 at the UMass Orchard. The multi-leader systems comparison includes super-spindle (single leader), bi-leader, and multi-leader cordon. Annual data collection to include fruit quality and yield as well as casual observation of training systems differences. Partial funding (planting establishment) was provided by New England Tree Fruit Research Committee.

Rootstock: G.11 (fire blight resistant)
Variety: Crimson Crisp (scab-resistant)
Planting location: UMass Cold Spring Orchard, Belchertown, MA
In-row tree spacing (3 systems/treatments, leader spacing similar across three systems at 1.5 feet)

  • super-spindle, single leader,1.5 feet between trees
  • bi-leader, two leaders 3 feet, between trees
  • UFO/cordon/multi-leader, 4-leader, 5 feet between trees

Between-row tree spacing: 10 feet
Replications: 5, with 6 trees per replicate, times 3 treatments (as above) = 90 trees total
Data collection: much initially observational, then fruit yield and quality

Agriculture topics: