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Forms - Pest Monitoring Record-keeping

Pest Monitoring Forms

A regular pest monitoring program is the basis of IPM decision making, regardless of the control strategies used. By regular monitoring, a scout is able to gather current information on the identity and location of pest problems and to evaluate treatment effectiveness. Below are forms that can be used to monitor insect pests in commercial greenhouses. They can be adapted to meet your needs.

Sticky Card Monitoring Report Form University of Massachusetts Extension

Plant Inspection Monitoring Report Form University of Massachusetts Extension

Whitefly Monitoring Report Form University of Massachusetts Extension

For more informations see video and fact sheet in this UMass Extension list: IPM Scouting and Decision Making (for greenhouses)

Sample Scouting Forms from University of Vermont Greenhouse IPM Program

Pesticide Record-Keeping

Pesticide record-keeping is required by Federal regulations for restricted use pesticides and for compliance with the EPA Worker Protection Standard (all pesticides with “Agricultural Use Requirements” printed on the label, not just restricted use pesticides).  The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service carries out the provisions of the Federal record-keeping requirements. It is just as important to keep records for personal use as it is for official use.

This Recordkeeping Manual from USDA contains a good checklist (pg 9) of information required and forms to use if you are a private pesticide applicator. This manual is not intended for use by applicators licensed as commercial pesticide applicators. 

In place of the forms in the manual, some growers have created their own forms, some use a notebook while others on computer. You may keep your records using any method you wish as long as they contain the required information. Either handwritten notes, computer-generated records, or other recordkeeping systems are acceptable.

Recordkeeping form which was developed by a greenhouse grower in MA