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Floral Notes Newsletters

Floral Notes 2018 Vol. 31:3
In This Issue:
  • Upcoming Greenhouse Production 2019 program details.
  • Use of liquid and granular organic fertilizers in combination for petunias
  • Farewell from editor Doug Cox
  • Retail handling of poinsettias
  • Farm Succession School
  • 2019 Perennial Plant of the Year
  • MDAR agriculture truck regulations
  • Marketing to elementary school children
  • Updating or creating your business plan
Floral Notes 2018 Vol. 31:2
In This Issue:
  • In Memoriam: Paul J. Mahoney
  • Farm Succession School
  • Greenhouse Production 2019 - Focus on Pest Management
  • Thinking About Starting a Biological Control Program in Your Greenhouse?
  • High Soluble Salts in High Tunnel Soil
  • Biocontrols, Biopesticides, Biostimulants, Oh My!
  • Nitrate Accumulation and Growth of Lettuce Under Commercial Organic and Chemical Fertilizer Solutions
  • Cloudy Weather Greenhouse Tips
Floral Notes 2018 Vol. 31:1
In This Issue:
  • 2018 MFGA Summer Trials and Educational Program
  • Use of Liquid and Granualr Fertilizers in Combination
  • Heat Savings with Infrared Plastics
  • Root Diseases of Greenhouse Crops
Floral Notes 2018 Vol. 30:6
In This Issue:
  • Greenhouse Biological Control Conference
  • Basil Downy Mildew Update
  • Weed Management Options for Field-Grown Cutflowers
  • Watering Plants
  • Surface Application of Granular Organic Fertilizers
Floral Notes 2018 Vol. 30:5
In This Issue:
  • Meet the new UMass Greenhouse Crops and Floriculture Team
  • Tina Bemis named one of the greenhouse industry 2018 "Greenhouse Greats" by Greenhouse Management Magazine
  • Learn management concepts for greenhouse disease prevention
  • Tips on dealing with cloudy weather
  • How to connect with UMass Soil Testing and Plant Diagnostic Labs
  • Respirator Train the trainer workshops
Floral Notes 2018 Vol. 30:4
In This Issue:
  • Schedule of the Flower Growers Winter meeting and Education program on Thursday February 8,  2018  at King Farm in Townsend, MA
  • Calibrachoa Trouble Shooting
  • What the New Tax Law Means for Northeast Agriculture
  • Review of PGRs for Height Control of Spring Crops
  • Natural ventilation Guidelines
  • The Census of Agriculture is a Producer's Voice, Future and Opportunity
Floral Notes 2017 Vol. 30:3
In This Issue:
  • Schedule of the UMass Extension greenhouse production and management program on Thursday January 11, 2017 at Publick House in Sturbridge, MA
  • 2018 Perennial plant of the year- Allium ' Millenium'
  • Farm Credit East's GenerationNext seeks young Ag leaders looking to develop management skills
  • Using Biological Controls: Checking for quality
  • Capturing CO2 from the atmoshere - New Swiss Technology
Floral Notes 2017 Vol. 30:2
In This Issue:
  • Upcoming events
  • Managing whiteflies on poinsettia
  • Survival of insect and mite pests in empty greenhouses during winter
  • No fooling around with lilies for Easter 2018
  • Storm preparedness and response
Floral Notes 2017 Vol. 30:1
In This Issue:
  • 2017 MFGA Summer Trial Garden Tour & Education Program for Greenhouse Growers and Garden retailers
  • Tina Smith Retires from UMass Extension After 38+ Years
  • UConn Native Plants and Pollinators Conference
  • 2017 Biological Control Workshop at UConn Take Home Tips
  • Soluble Salts and Electrical Conductictivity (EC)


Floral Notes 2017 Vol. 29:6
In This Issue:
  • Irrigating Greenhouse Crops
  • Garden Mums for Fall
  • Photovoltaic Solar Electricity for Greenhouses
  • How to Maintain the Quality of Plants in the Retail Area
Floral Notes 2017 Vol. 29:5
In This Issue:

Management of Diseases on Edibles in the Greenhouse

  • Save Fuel and Electricity with and Energy/Shade Screen
  • Transplant Disorders
  • Transplant Height and Hardening-off
  • Pinching and Cutting Back Plants for Height Control
Floral Notes 2017 Vol. 29:4
In This Issue:
  • Take-Home Biocontrol Messages for the Northeast Greenhouse Conference
  • Soil Testing and Plant Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Conserve Energy to Reduce Heating Costs This Winter
Floral Notes 2016 Vol. 29:3
In This Issue:
  • Highlights from Trial Garden Tour
  • Storing Pesticides in the Winter
  • 2017 Easter Lily Crop
Floral Notes 2016 Vol. 29:2
In This Issue:
  • Cultural Methods to Prevent Production and Disease Problems of Poinsettia
  • Tips on Storing and Using Beneficial Nematodes
  • Soil Testing in High Tunnels
Floral Notes 2016 Vol. 29:1
In This Issue:
  • Budworms on Petunias, Calibrachoas and Geraniums
  • Sunflower Moths on Composites
  • Keynote Presentation: Connecting People with Flowers (to be held at Northeast Greenhouse Conf. in Nov.)
  • Plant Response to Nature's Source and Eco-Vita Organic Fertilizers vs. Plantex Chemical Fertilizer
  • Disease Control with Products that Elicit Plant Defenses
Floral Notes 2016 Vol. 28:6
In This Issue:
  • New Fungicide Products for Greenhouse Ornamental Production
  • Take Steps to Prevent and Control Botrytis in Greenhouse Crops
  • Retail Care: Watering, Cleaning, Fertilizing
  • Garden Mums- Early Season
  • Silicon for Greenhouse Floriculture Crops?
Floral Notes 2016 Vol. 28:5
In This Issue:
  • What a Greenhouse Grower Needs to Know About Vegetable Diseases
  • Top Native Perennials for Pollinator Gardens
Floral Notes 2016 Vol. 28:4
In This Issue:
  • Reducing Humidity in the Greenhouse
  • Photoperiod Lighting to Create Long Days
Floral Notes 2015 Vol. 28:3
In This Issue:
  • Upcoming Program: Biological Control in Greenhouses - Success is in the Details
  • Bagged Potting and Garden Soils
  • Winter Storage of Pesticides
Floral Notes 2015 Vol. 28:2
In This Issue:
  • Nov 10, Program Registration: Growing Spring Crops in Greenhouses - Get Ready for Spring 2016!
  • Organic Nutrition Project for Vegetable Transplants and Herbs
  • September Greenhouse Cleaning and Biocontrol
Floral Notes 2015 Vol. 28:1
In This Issue:
  • Combining Organic Fertilizers Reduces the Risk of Leaf Chlorosis Caused by Ammonium Toxicity
  • Take-Away Tips from Biological Control Conference
  • Fertilizing Flower Gardens and Avoid Too Much Phosphorus
Floral Notes 2015 Vol. 27:6
In This Issue:
  • Biological Control Program on June 18, 2015
  • Shade for Summer Cooling
  • Greenhouse Grower's Guide to Testing Irrigation Water for Water-borne Pathogens
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Young Biological Horticulturists Supply Banker Plants
Floral Notes 2015 Vol. 27:5
In This Issue:
  • Controlling Aphids
  • Managing Downy Mildew of Basil in 2015
  • Using PGRs for Height Control of Spring Crops
  • Greenhouse APPs for Mobile Devices
Floral Notes 2015 Vol. 27:4
In This Issue:
  • FAQ's Selling Plants at a Farmers Market
  • Scheduling Biologicals
  • Program Announcements
Floral Notes 2014 Vol. 27:3
In This Issue:

Plant Nutrition and Organic Certification for Greenhouse Crops
New Insecticides, Miticides and Herbicides for Greenhouse Ornamentals
Properly Inflate Your Double-Poly Greenhouse to Save Energy and Improve Light Transmission
Getting Started Using Biological Control in Greenhouses- Selecting a Supplier of Biological Control Agents
Preventing Rodent Damage in the Greenhouse


Please Note: The Floral Notes newsletter is on indefinite hiatus starting with the 2019 calendar year.  Back issues dating to 2012 are archived here for your reference.