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Floral Notes Newsletters

Floral Notes 2018 Vol. 30:4
In This Issue:
  • Schedule of the Flower Growers Winter meeting and Education program on Thursday February 8,  2018  at King Farm in Townsend, MA
  • Calibrachoa Trouble Shooting
  • What the New Tax Law Means for Northeast Agriculture
  • Review of PGRs for Height Control of Spring Crops
  • Natural ventilation Guidelines
  • The Census of Agriculture is a Producer's Voice, Future and Opportunity
Floral Notes 2017 Vol. 30:3
In This Issue:
  • Schedule of the UMass Extension greenhouse production and management program on Thursday January 11, 2017 at Publick House in Sturbridge, MA
  • 2018 Perennial plant of the year- Allium ' Millenium'
  • Farm Credit East's GenerationNext seeks young Ag leaders looking to develop management skills
  • Using Biological Controls: Checking for quality
  • Capturing CO2 from the atmoshere - New Swiss Technology
Floral Notes 2017 Vol. 30:2
In This Issue:
  • Upcoming events
  • Managing whiteflies on poinsettia
  • Survival of insect and mite pests in empty greenhouses during winter
  • No fooling around with lilies for Easter 2018
  • Storm preparedness and response
Floral Notes 2017 Vol. 30:1
In This Issue:
  • 2017 MFGA Summer Trial Garden Tour & Education Program for Greenhouse Growers and Garden retailers
  • Tina Smith Retires from UMass Extension After 38+ Years
  • UConn Native Plants and Pollinators Conference
  • 2017 Biological Control Workshop at UConn Take Home Tips
  • Soluble Salts and Electrical Conductictivity (EC)


Floral Notes 2017 Vol. 29:6
In This Issue:
  • Irrigating Greenhouse Crops
  • Garden Mums for Fall
  • Photovoltaic Solar Electricity for Greenhouses
  • How to Maintain the Quality of Plants in the Retail Area
Floral Notes 2017 Vol. 29:5
In This Issue:

Management of Diseases on Edibles in the Greenhouse

  • Save Fuel and Electricity with and Energy/Shade Screen
  • Transplant Disorders
  • Transplant Height and Hardening-off
  • Pinching and Cutting Back Plants for Height Control
Floral Notes 2017 Vol. 29:4
In This Issue:
  • Take-Home Biocontrol Messages for the Northeast Greenhouse Conference
  • Soil Testing and Plant Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Conserve Energy to Reduce Heating Costs This Winter
Floral Notes 2016 Vol. 29:3
In This Issue:
  • Highlights from Trial Garden Tour
  • Storing Pesticides in the Winter
  • 2017 Easter Lily Crop
Floral Notes 2016 Vol. 29:2
In This Issue:
  • Cultural Methods to Prevent Production and Disease Problems of Poinsettia
  • Tips on Storing and Using Beneficial Nematodes
  • Soil Testing in High Tunnels
Floral Notes 2016 Vol. 29:1
In This Issue:
  • Budworms on Petunias, Calibrachoas and Geraniums
  • Sunflower Moths on Composites
  • Keynote Presentation: Connecting People with Flowers (to be held at Northeast Greenhouse Conf. in Nov.)
  • Plant Response to Nature's Source and Eco-Vita Organic Fertilizers vs. Plantex Chemical Fertilizer
  • Disease Control with Products that Elicit Plant Defenses
Floral Notes 2016 Vol. 28:6
In This Issue:
  • New Fungicide Products for Greenhouse Ornamental Production
  • Take Steps to Prevent and Control Botrytis in Greenhouse Crops
  • Retail Care: Watering, Cleaning, Fertilizing
  • Garden Mums- Early Season
  • Silicon for Greenhouse Floriculture Crops?
Floral Notes 2016 Vol. 28:5
In This Issue:
  • What a Greenhouse Grower Needs to Know About Vegetable Diseases
  • Top Native Perennials for Pollinator Gardens
Floral Notes 2016 Vol. 28:4
In This Issue:
  • Reducing Humidity in the Greenhouse
  • Photoperiod Lighting to Create Long Days
Floral Notes 2015 Vol. 28:3
In This Issue:
  • Upcoming Program: Biological Control in Greenhouses - Success is in the Details
  • Bagged Potting and Garden Soils
  • Winter Storage of Pesticides
Floral Notes 2015 Vol. 28:2
In This Issue:
  • Nov 10, Program Registration: Growing Spring Crops in Greenhouses - Get Ready for Spring 2016!
  • Organic Nutrition Project for Vegetable Transplants and Herbs
  • September Greenhouse Cleaning and Biocontrol
Floral Notes 2015 Vol. 28:1
In This Issue:
  • Combining Organic Fertilizers Reduces the Risk of Leaf Chlorosis Caused by Ammonium Toxicity
  • Take-Away Tips from Biological Control Conference
  • Fertilizing Flower Gardens and Avoid Too Much Phosphorus
Floral Notes 2015 Vol. 27:6
In This Issue:
  • Biological Control Program on June 18, 2015
  • Shade for Summer Cooling
  • Greenhouse Grower's Guide to Testing Irrigation Water for Water-borne Pathogens
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Young Biological Horticulturists Supply Banker Plants
Floral Notes 2015 Vol. 27:5
In This Issue:
  • Controlling Aphids
  • Managing Downy Mildew of Basil in 2015
  • Using PGRs for Height Control of Spring Crops
  • Greenhouse APPs for Mobile Devices
Floral Notes 2015 Vol. 27:4
In This Issue:
  • FAQ's Selling Plants at a Farmers Market
  • Scheduling Biologicals
  • Program Announcements
Floral Notes 2014 Vol. 27:3
In This Issue:

Plant Nutrition and Organic Certification for Greenhouse Crops
New Insecticides, Miticides and Herbicides for Greenhouse Ornamentals
Properly Inflate Your Double-Poly Greenhouse to Save Energy and Improve Light Transmission
Getting Started Using Biological Control in Greenhouses- Selecting a Supplier of Biological Control Agents
Preventing Rodent Damage in the Greenhouse

Floral Notes 2014 Vol. 27:2
In This Issue:

Program announcements
New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide Ordering Info
Greenhouse Cleanup
Cleaning Containers
Thoughts on Using Organic Fertilizers for Greenhouse plants
Greenhouse Heat Distribution
Summary of Presentations from Summer Conference and Trade Show

Floral Notes 2014 Vol. 27:1
In This Issue:

Native Pollinators and Greenhouse Production
Can Raising the Level (ppm N) of Liquid Organic Fertilizers Optimize Plant Growth Relative to Chemical Water-soluble Fertilizer
Spray Coverage is Key for Effective Treatment Results in Greenhouse

Floral Notes 2014 Vol. 26:6
In This Issue:

Ammonium Toxicity as a Cause of Foliar Chlorosis on Geranium
Natural Ventilation in Hoophouses
What are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Floral Notes 2014 Vol. 26:5
In This Issue:

Seed Butying 101: A Seed Gardener's Glossary
Add Greenhouse Vegetable to Your Production Mix
2014 Perennial Plant of the Year
Natural Ventilation in Greenhouses

Floral Notes 2014 Vol. 26:4
In This Issue:

Tips for Producing Transplants from Seed
Reduce Pesticides with Simple Steps to Go Organic
Nutrient Status of Leaf Chlorosis of Seed Geraniums Grown with Organic Fertilizers