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Publications & Resources

Floral Notes Newsletter

The UMass Extension Floriculture Team publishes Floral Notes, a newsletter for commercial flower growers. Each issue of Floral Notes contains practical information for commercial greenhouse operators and allied professionals in Massachusetts and New England. The newsletter also includes announcements of educational programs, practical articles on all facets of plant production and research reports.

Greenhouse Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual

In 2010, Massachusetts Farm Bureau and the MA Department of Agricultural Resources engaged UMass Extension Agriculture and Landscape Program to develop a Best Management Practices (BMP) Guide for greenhouse crops and make it available as an on-line resource.

The New England Floriculture Guide

The New England Floriculture Guide is a comprehensive guide (250 pp) for commercial production of greenhouse ornamentals with information on current pest management and growth regulators. Recommendations include integrated pest management (IPM) and biological control information for greenhouse crops.

Biological Control and Organic Information

Greenhouses provide a suitable environment for some biological control agents. Many useful biological control agents are commercially produced and can often be incorporated in existing greenhouse IPM programs.

Pesticide Information

Resources for pesticide labels, Material Safety Data Sheets, information on Worker Protection Standards and other information pertaining to pesticide use in greenhouses.

Pesticide Licensing

Massachusetts pesticide law requires that all persons who apply pesticides in public areas and private places used for human occupation and habitation must be in possession of a valid license or certification issued by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR). In accordance with the Massachusetts Pesticide Control Act and the current pesticide regulations, the DFA conducts written examinations to measure competency to use, sell, and apply pesticides in Massachusetts. Learn about what is required and where to get information, exams and trainings for pesticide licensing.

Pest Messages

The New England Greenhouse Update is a resource for commercial growers of greenhouse crops and flowers. University Extension Specialists contribute information to this website from current observations at greenhouses in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Resources for Garden Retailers

UMass Extension provides informational resources, programs, and research data directly to Green Industry businesses and professionals, who in turn provide the information to the public via their customers. It is our goal to educate the professional, who in turn can better serve their clients and answer home gardening and landscape questions.

Useful Links

Links to other websites for growers of greenhouse crops and ornamentals.