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New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide

The 2019-2020 New England Greenhouse Floriculture GuideNew England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide and Photo Library

2019-2020 New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide

A Management Guide for Insects, Diseases, Weeds and Growth Regulators

The New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide (also referred to as the "Pest Management Guide") is a 250+ page publication that has been the reference-of-choice for hundreds of greenhouse growers throughout the Northeast since its inception. The manual presents biological, cultural and chemical management information for insects, diseases, weeds and plant growth regulation.

About the Guide

The New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide is a reference manual for commercial greenhouse growers. It presents information on pest, diseases and algae management and other production management techniques for floricultural crops grown in greenhouses.

The Guide is a joint effort of faculty and professional staff of the New England Land Grant Universities, and is published with support from New England Floriculture, Inc., sponsor of the biennial Northeast Greenhouse Conference and Expo.

New for 2019-2020

Each issue of the Guide provides comprehensive pesticide and growth regulator recommendations. The 2019-2020 edition features the following:

The Guide's Section Editors have dedicated hundreds of hours to incorporate thousands of specific, accurate, up-to-date changes into the 2019-2020 edition of the Guide. Since the last edition, many products have left or entered the market, and the Editors have incorporated these changes into this edition.

  • Section A presents an updated discussion of Best Management Practices to minimize the threat to bees and other pollinators.
  • Section A's discussion of OSHA's Worker Protection Standard contains the updates that became effective in January 2017.
  • Sections B, C, D and E present updates on available products and natural enemies for greenhouse use. It also includes expanded information about precautionary statements, environmental hazards, mixing and application instructions, and storage and disposal of disease management chemicals.

How to Order

You can place an order for Guide(s) online at

Information about updates to the Guide are also available at the above address.

New England Greenhouse Photo Library

An on-line Photo Library is available that contains pictures and descriptions of plants problems associated with insects, mites, diseases, nutrition and cultural problems and also photos of best management practices. The Photo Library supplements information in The New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide.