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Resources for Garden Retailers

Greenhouse Crops and Floriculture

Home Lawn and Garden Information

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  • Fact sheets on landscape and garden - flowers, vegetables, fruit, trees and shrubs and turf)
  • Soil testing (for fee)
  • Plant problem diagnostics (for fee)
  • Newsletters for home gardeners
  • Master gardener hotlines in Massachusetts
  • Botanic gardens in Massachusetts
  • Poisonings
  • Conservation and Wildlife

UMass Extension provides informational resources, programs, and research data directly to Green Industry businesses and professionals, who in turn provide the information to the public via their customers. It is our goal to educate the professional, who in turn can better serve their clients and answer home gardening and landscape questions.

Printable Posters

Impatiens Downy Mildew in Home Gardens & Landscapes

Impatiens downy mildew Plasmopara obducens  is a new disease for home gardeners and landscapers in Massachusetts. Now there is a poster to share important information about this disease with customers.

Below is a link to a high resolution digital image (pdf) of the 11in x 17in poster that you can have printed at your local print shop.

Printable, Color
Impatiens Downy Mildew Poster (pdf: file size 2.52 mb) (measures 11in x 17in)

Poster to Encourage Home Gardeners to Buy Locally Grown Tomato Transplants

UMass professor Robert Wick and UMass Extension Specialists Bess Dicklow and Ruth Hazzard are mounting a public relations campaign to encourage home gardeners to buy locally grown tomato transplants. Locally grown transplants are much more likely to be free of serious diseases that tend to remain active in the southern United States. This effort, in addition to lab and field studies, is being funded by a grant to work on late blight of potato and tomato.

Below is a link to a high resolution digital image (pdf) of the 11in x 17in poster that you can have printed at your local print shop.

Printable, Color
Buy Local Poster (pdf; file size 3.20 mb) (measures 11in x 17in)

Mass Dept. of Agricultural Resources

List of Garden Centers in Mass.
Calendar of Events (you can also add an event through this website)

Growing Tips (Printable fact sheets for retail customers)

Short (1-2 pages), easy to read fact sheets in black and white to print, copy and distribute to garden retail customers.

  • Print from links below
  • Copy
  • Fold (accordian style - shown here)
  • Give to customers

Let our fact sheets help to answer questions from home gardeners.

A cooperative project by the Massachusetts Flower Growers Association and UMass Extension Greenhouse Crops and Floriculture Program with funding from Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources.

Printable Fact Sheets (pdf)

1 Asian Longhorned Beetle
2 Planting Tomatoes
2a Planting Grafted Tomatoes
3 Growing Tomatoes
4 Hydrangeas: Pruning for Blooms
5 Hydrangeas: Color and Fertilizing
6 Watering New Plantings
7 Fall Flowers: Mums and Annuals
8 Fall Planting Trees and Shrubs
9 Fall Plantings: Successful Care
10 Holiday Plant Care Fall and Winter (Amaryllis, Cyclamen, Holiday Cactus, Paperwhites, Poinsettias)
11 Holiday Plant Care Spring (Azalea, Rex Begonia, Spring bulbs, Easter lily, Primrose, Calceolaria, Cineraria)
12 Pruning Shrubs
13 Growing Herbs
14 Easy Herbs
15 Preserving Herbs
16 Starting Seeds Indoors
17 Caring for Seedlings
18 Plan a Vegetable Garden
19 Planting a Vegetable Garden
20 Deer Resistant Plants
21 Perennials, Continuous Color
22 Annuals for Shade
23 Annuals for Sun
24 Colorful Container Gardens
25 Clematis