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Biological Control/ Organic Information

When using organic methods for greenhouse crops, growing media, fertilizers and pest management techniques may differ from conventional greenhouse production.

The greenhouse environment is very effective at promoting rapid plant growth, as well as insects and diseases in a short time period. Greenhouse crops are grown in small volume containers and they are irrigated frequently with large volumes of water. The combination of rapid plant growth, limited root volume, and frequent leaching make organic fertility management a challenge. 

Greenhouses provide a suitable environment for using biological control to manage pests. Many useful biological control agents, also called natural enemies are commercially produced and can often be incorporated in existing greenhouse integrated pest management (IPM) programs. The following information on biological control and organic production is available from UMass Extension.

Greenhouse Pest Guide Smart Phone Web App

Our new Greenhouse Pest Management App for commercial growers of greenhouse crops and flowers was created by Tina Smith, University of Massachusetts and Leanne Pundt, University of Connecticut. This mobile optimized website app is a pest management reference guide that contains options for using biological control and pesticides. Partial support for this project provided by the New England Florist Association Floriculture Applied Research Fund.

For questions or comments about this app, contact: Tina Smith, UMass Extension at 413-545-5306 or email

Pesticide Compatibility with Natural Enemies

Pesticide Side-Effects (on-line or Mobile phone App, Biobest)
Pesticide Side-Effects data base (Koppert)
Pesticide Compatibility with Benefiicial Nematodes (Becker-Underwood)

Natural Enemies for Greenhouse Pests

Timely messages and photos posted about pest management in greenhouses. Use search tool
New England Greenhouse Update

Organic Greenhouse Production

Other, Cornell University

Partial list of Suppliers (Beneficial insects and mites used by Massachusetts growers to manage pests in greenhouses.)

IPM Laboratories, Inc., Lock NY,
 ph. 315.497.2063

Syngenta Bioline, CA,
ph: 805-986-8265 or 978-851-4346 (Griffin Greenhouse Supply)

Koppert Inc. MI,
Contact:, 1800-928-8827

Biobest Biological Systems.
Contact: or
ph: 519-322-2178, or 855-224-6237.

Beneficial Insectary, CA,,
Contact:, ph 1-800-447-3715

Applied Bionomics, BC Canada,
Contact:, ph 250-656-2123