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Greenhouse Raspberry Production

Greenhouse raspberry production is a system of growing floricane fruiting raspberries in containers that can be moved into a greenhouse after the plants' chilling requirement has been met (around 800 – 1000 hrs @ < 45°F). This is usually accomplished by the middle of December under outdoor conditions in New England. Once moved indoors, they will break dormancy and begin to grow. They will flower in about 6 weeks and produce ripe fruit in about 10 weeks from the time they are moved indoors. They do not require supplemental light and can be kept at cool temperatures (55°F at night and 65°F during the day). Pollination is accomplished with the use of commercially available bumble bees which are introduced once the plants begin to flower. Also see the case study below:

Greenhouse Raspberry Production for Winter Sales by Sonia Schloemann, UMass Extension Small Fruit Specialist