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Floral Notes Newsletters

Please Note: The Floral Notes newsletter is on indefinite hiatus starting with the 2019 calendar year.  Back issues dating to 2012 are archived here for your reference.

Floral Notes 2014 Vol. 27:2
In This Issue:

Program announcements
New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide Ordering Info
Greenhouse Cleanup
Cleaning Containers
Thoughts on Using Organic Fertilizers for Greenhouse plants
Greenhouse Heat Distribution
Summary of Presentations from Summer Conference and Trade Show

Floral Notes 2014 Vol. 27:1
In This Issue:

Native Pollinators and Greenhouse Production
Can Raising the Level (ppm N) of Liquid Organic Fertilizers Optimize Plant Growth Relative to Chemical Water-soluble Fertilizer
Spray Coverage is Key for Effective Treatment Results in Greenhouse

Floral Notes 2014 Vol. 26:6
In This Issue:

Ammonium Toxicity as a Cause of Foliar Chlorosis on Geranium
Natural Ventilation in Hoophouses
What are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Floral Notes 2014 Vol. 26:5
In This Issue:

Seed Butying 101: A Seed Gardener's Glossary
Add Greenhouse Vegetable to Your Production Mix
2014 Perennial Plant of the Year
Natural Ventilation in Greenhouses

Floral Notes 2014 Vol. 26:4
In This Issue:

Tips for Producing Transplants from Seed
Reduce Pesticides with Simple Steps to Go Organic
Nutrient Status of Leaf Chlorosis of Seed Geraniums Grown with Organic Fertilizers

Floral Notes 2013 Vol. 26:3
In This Issue:

Stockbridge School Internship Program
Reducing Storm Damage to Your Greenhouses
Managing Nutrient Problems of Greenhouse Crops
Rearing Beneficial Nematodes: Do-it-yourself Guide

Floral Notes 2013 Vol. 26:2
In This Issue:

The Ins and Outs of Biological Control program
Stockbridge School of Agriculture Update
Plastic Film Update
Selecting the Right Growing Media for Your Crops
Disease and Pest Management in the Landscape Seminar

Floral Notes 2013 Vol. 26:1
In This Issue:

Geoffrey Njue joins UMass Extension
Update on Biocontrol on Poinsettias
UMass Soil and Tissue Testing, Response of 'First Lady' Marigolds to Plant Extract Fertilizers, Granular Organic Fertilizers, and Biochar
Clean-up of Two-spotted Spider Mites

Floral Notes 2013 Vol. 25:6
In This Issue:

Response of 'Ringo 2000' Seed Geranium to Plant Extract and Granular Organic Fertilizers
UMass Soil and Tissue Testing

Floral Notes 2013 Vol. 25:5
In This Issue:

Managing Two-spotted Spider Mites
Polygonatium odoratum 'Variegatum'
Impatiens Downy Mildew Isn't the Only Downy Mildew You Need To Worry About!
UMass Extension Plant Diagnostic Lab
Botrytis (Gray Mold)

Floral Notes 2013 Vol. 25:4
In This Issue:

Reduced Energy Costs: Greenhouses and Nurseries
Annual Injector Maintenance
Preventing and Rescuing Overgrown Plants

Floral Notes 2012 Vol. 25:3
In This Issue:

Alternatives to Garden Impatiens, Checklist for Spring Greenhouse Crop Production
Disease Resistant Plants
Northeast Agriculture: The Overlooked Economic Engine

Floral Notes 2012 Vol. 25:2
In This Issue:

Elm Bank Trial Gardens
Cleaning Greenhouses

Floral Notes 2012 Vol. 24:6
In This Issue:

Topics: Garden Mum Production Tips
Reducing Moisture in High Tunnels
Diseases and their Control in High Tunnels

Floral Notes 2012 Vol. 24:6
In This Issue:

Topics: Garden Mum Production Tips
Reducing Moisture in High Tunnels
Diseases and Their Control in High Tunnels

Floral Notes 2012 Vol. 24:5
In This Issue:

Topics: Paul Lopes Retires from UMass Extension after 38 years! Massachusetts Dept. of Agricultural Resources Grants
Heating your Greenhouse with Grain Corn Hybrid Yield Evaluation
UMass Extension Resources for Greenhouse Businesses and Garden Retailers

Floral Notes 2012 Vol. 24:4
In This Issue:

Topics: USDA Aphis Proposes Changes in Chrysanthemum White Rust Regulations
Water Quality: What's in Your Water?
Protect Your Water System with a Good Filter
New Soil Testing Videos on the UMass Floriculture's YouTube Channel

Floral Notes 2012 Vol. 24:1
In This Issue:

Topics: Growing Edible Greens
Permaculture Gardens: An Emerging Trend
Social Media

Floral Notes 2011 Vol. 24:3
In This Issue:

Meet our New Director of the UMass Extension Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory
2012 Easter Lily Schedule and Comments
Heating Your Greenhouse with Grain Corn Hybrid Yield Evaluation
Fertilizing Bedding Plant Seedlings
Botrytis Disease on Greenhouse Crops

Floral Notes 2011 Vol. 24:2
In This Issue:

Plant Nutrition Program announcement
Sustainable Approaches to Greenhouse Crop Fertilization
2011 Mass Hort Trial Gardens at Elm Bank
Program announcement: Tree Production for Landscapes: Preliminary Research Results for Planting Methods

Floral Notes 2011 Vol. 24:1
In This Issue:

New UMass Greenhouse
Powdery Mildews on Ornamental Plants
Insect-killing Nematodes and Thrips Control
Organic Fertilizer Leads to Different Growth Response
Nutrient Use and Nitrogen Leaching by Marigold

Floral Notes 2011 Vol. 23:6
In This Issue:

Converting Chemical Fertilizer Recommendations to Organic: Using Natural Fertilizers in Ground Beds in Greenhouses
Daylily Streak and Daylily Rust
Surface Water for Irrigation

Floral Notes 2011 Vol. 23:5
In This Issue:

Tomato Transplant Production and Late Blight
Aphid Banker Plants
Geothermal Heating and Cooling for Greenhouses

Floral Notes 2011 Vol. 23:4
In This Issue:

New UMass Diagnostic Lab location
Q&A Water pH and Alkalinity
Get Growing Media Storage Savvy
Forcing Hydrangeas

Floral Notes 2010 Vol. 23:3
In This Issue:

Beneficial Nematodes: An easy way to begin using biological control
Spring 2010 UMass Plant Diagnostic Lab Results
2011-2012 New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide