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Aphids - Potato and Aphid Mummies on Calibrachoa

Potato aphids, aphid skins and parasitized aphids on calibrachoa
Potato Aphids, Aphid Skins and Parasitized Aphids on Calibrachoa

Potato aphids are common on ornamental plants. The potato aphid is pink or green (in this photo), with a darker stripe down its back (seen in related photo). Antennae are longer than their bodies, with long, black tipped cylindrical cornicles. This photo shows potato nymphs, shed skins and parasitized aphids. As aphids increase in size they shed their exoskeletons (cast skins) which are white and light weight. These white cast skins are often mistaken for whiteflies. The parasitized aphids (aphid mummies) appear as small brown swollen aphids. A parasitic wasp has deposited an egg in the aphid which will develop inside the aphid and emerge as an adult wasp, killing the aphid.

Close-up of potato aphid from this plant