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The 2021 UMass Turf Research Field Day

Event date/time: 
Wednesday, July 21, 2021 - 8:00am to 1:00pm
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Event location: 
The UMass Joseph Troll Turf Research Center
23 River Road, South Deerfield, MA, 01373

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We're back!  Join us in-person at UMass Turf Research Field Day to hear about and see research projects in the field, get down to business at the on-site trade show, network with colleagues, and enjoy continental breakfast and a hearty cookout lunch. Turf Field Day is the biennial open house at the picturesque Joseph Troll Turf Research Center in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, and is a rare opportunity to tour the facility in a festive atmosphere.

For more background information, visit our Research Field Day page.


6:15-8:15 - Exhibitor Check-In & Set-Up

8:15-9:00 - Attendee Check-In - Continental Breakfast - Trade Show

9:00-9:30 - Welcoming Remarks - Trade Show and Networking - Equipment Demonstrations

9:30 - Featured Research Presentation Tour, including:

  • Update on Grass Tennis Research at UMass – Dr. Scott Ebdon, Professor, Turf Agronomy
    Ball bounce and friction between the ball and impacting surface determines the pace (i.e., speed of play) of tennis courts, and grass court surfaces wear down under play, which determines their carrying capacity. These measurements also relate to wear and speed of other grass surfaces used in sports turf. Current results from this research will be presented.
  • Applying Situational Awareness for Effective Crabgrass ControlRandall Prostak, Extension Specialist, Weed Management
    Crabgrass continues to be one of the most common and pervasive weed challenges in cool season turf systems.This discussion will highlight a range of up-to-date tools and how to choose which approaches will be most effective and efficient based on the specifics of individual turf management scenarios and stages of crabgrass development.
  • The Billbug Complex in Massachusetts: Life Cycle and Management – Dr. Olga Kostromytska, Extension Assistant Professor, Turf Entomology
    Long recognized as a turf insect pest, billbug pressure has increased significantly in Southern New England over the past few years, especially in lawn settings. Take a detailed look at the biology of billbugs, as well as the latest research-based techniques for staying ahead of them.
  • Optimizing ABW Management: Monitoring in Spring, Managing in Summer – Dr. Olga Kostromytska, Extension Assistant Professor, Turf Entomology
    Ongoing, focused research continues to refine our understanding of the notorious annual bluegrass weevil. This presentation will focus on new techniques for monitoring in spring, which can help inform management efforts later in the season.
  • Landscape Establishment of Native vs. Non-Native Shrubs and Planting TechniqueDr. Amanda Bayer, Extension Assistant Professor, Sustainable Landscape Horticulture
    Plant establishment in the landscape is dependent on many factors including water availability and proper planting. It is frequently reported that native plants establish more quickly than non-natives. Current UMass research is looking at landscape establishment of native and non-native shrubs planted with three different root ball preparation techniques, which will be demonstrated in this presentation.
  • Evaluation of Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue Turf Under Reduced Irrigation – Dr. Michelle DaCosta, Associate Professor, Turf Physiology
    This study examines the drought responses of 15 Kentucky bluegrasses and 18 tall fescues at the species and cultivar level, and UMass is 1 of 5 study locations throughout the country. The presentation will include discussion of results as well as demonstration of technologies used to monitor drought stress and plant health.
  • The Use of Plant Health Activators to Improve Summer Stress Tolerance - Jefferson Lu, Graduate Student, Turf Physiology
    There are several categories of plant health products used in turf for improving turf quality under abiotic and biotic stresses; these include defense activators, pigments, and biostimulants.  We will specifically discuss changes in plant physiology in response to the application of chemical defense activators, as well as our current research on the use of activators to pre-condition turfgrasses to summer stress.
  • Sampling for Accurate Disease DiagnosticsDr. Angela Madeiras, Educator and Diagnostician, UMass Extension Plant Diagnostic Lab
    Successful management of turf disease issues depends on correct identification of pathogens, which starts with collecting a good plant sample.  This demonstration will cover appropriate field sampling techniques, as well as other factors that are central to the diagnostic process.
  • Evaluating New DMI Products for Dollar Spot Control on Golf Courses with Confirmed Fungicide Resistance - Michaela Elliott, Research Associate, Turf Pathology
    In the last few years, emerging DMI fungicide chemistries boast exceptional turf safety in peak summer heat, and anecdotal reports of good control on resistant dollar spot populations have increased interest in understanding how these products perform on golf courses with known DMI or SDHI fungicide resistance. This talk will provide an overview of recent studies evaluating the efficacy of new DMI and combination products on two golf courses in New England with known DMI or SDHI dollar spot resistance.
  • Dollar Spot Management Strategies: Cultural, Chemical, and Resistance - Geunhwa Jung, Professor, Turf Pathology
    Dollar spot is the most economically important disease impacting golf course turf in New England and the world. Being up-to-date in effective management strategies for this disease is increasingly important for saving valuable time and resources. This talk will provide an update of recent developments in dollar spot research that translate to real-world practices that help to cost-effectively manage dollar spot while preventing the development of fungicide resistance.

12:00 - Educational Program Wrap-Up - Pesticide and Professional Credits Awarded

12:15 - Festive Cookout Lunch - Trade Show and Networking

Pesticide Credits:

1.5 pesticide contact hours in Massachusetts categories 000 (Commercial Applicator), 37 (Turf) and 49 (Demonstration & Research) have been approved for this event, and are valid for equivalent categories in all New England states.

Professional Credits:

  • 0.25 education points for the Golf Course Superintendent's Association of America CGCS certification have been approved.
  • 0.25 CEUs for the Sports Turf Managers Association CSFM certification have been approved.
  • 1 credit for the Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association's MCH certification has been approved.
  • 2 credits for the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals's MCLP certification have been approved.
  • 4 CEUs for the Northeast Organic Farming Association's AOLCP certification have been approved.


Jason Lanier at (413) 545-2965; or Ellen Weeks at

How to Participate: 

Please Note: UMass Turf Research Field Day will proceed as scheduled tomorrow (July 21) at the UMass Joseph Troll Turf Research Center in South Deerfield, MA.  We will make our best effort to move efficiently through the program, and if you are registered to attend, please count on a prompt 9:00 start time for the educational component… check-in and trade show time will start by 8:00 AM or earlier.  As this is an outdoor event, please be sure to be prepared for changing weather conditions.

Attendees: The registration fee is $55 ($48 if registering with a check by mail). The pre-registration deadline is Friday 7/16 at 5:00 PM… your pre-registration is appreciated to help us finalize meal counts.  All attendee registrations after this time and date will carry a $15 additional fee ($70 total).  All registrations at the door on the day of the event are cash or check ONLY… no credit cards can be processed on-site.

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Jason Lanier
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23 River Road South Deerfield MA