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Publications & Resources

This section offers details about print and electronic publications produced by the UMass Extension Turf Program, along with additional sources of pertinent and useful information.

Printed Publications

A listing of currently available print publications developed by the UMass Extension Turf Program.

Best Management Practices

UMass Extension has recently developed a comprehensive set of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for lawn and landscape turf. Turf areas make up a significant portion of our country's collective landscape, and these fundamental principles provide a solid basis for effective, responsible and sustainable care of this important resource.

Nutrient Management Information

For ease of reference in response to changing nutrient management requirements in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, UMass Extension has revised and expanded key references on the subject of nutrient management in turf systems.

Professional Turf IPM Guide

UMass Extension’s Professional Guide for IPM in Turf for Massachusetts is is intended for use by professionals as a tool in the management of all types of turf. The guide features the latest techniques critical to environmentally responsible, integrated management of turf pests.

Fact Sheets

A collection of short, straightforward articles on varied aspects of turf management.


A lengthy list of printed sources of turfgrass management information compiled by the faculty and staff of the UMass Extension Turf Program. A great resource for students, those new to the profession or those looking to expand their current library.

Useful Links

A list of turfgrass management information sources available on the web.

Pesticide License Information

A good starting point for those looking to obtain or maintain a pesticide license or certification in the State of Massachusetts.

Pesticide Resources

Contains contact information for pesticide regulatory agencies in New England, New York and New Jersey. Also features links to online state pesticide registration systems where available.

Home Lawn & Garden Infomation

The UMass Extension Turf Program provides advice and education primarily to industry professionals. The information sources listed on this page are available to home gardeners and landscapers.