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Turf Field Day

UMass Turf Research Field Day

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UMass Turf Research Field Day is presented on a biennial basis to highlight the wide range of research projects currently taking place at the UMass Joseph Troll Turf Research Center in South Deerfield, MA as well as on research being conducted at other locations by University of Massachusetts Turf Program faculty, staff, and graduate students.

The UMass Turf Program continued the long tradition of a Research Field Day in South Deerfield on July 17, 2019. Turf practitioners and their associates had the opportunity to meet and speak with UMass staff and to view projects underway. The event included a trade show, and exhibits from numerous industry representatives were featured. All registrants enjoyed continental breakfast and a hearty barbecue lunch.

Current UMass research includes studies on the biology and integrated management of turf-damaging diseases and insects, short- and long-term weed management, environmental stress physiology, fertility, drought management, and golf and sports surfaces, as well as a range of National Turfgrass Evaluation Program fine turf trials.

For more background about Field Day, refer to the photo gallery below.

Photos from UMass Turf Field Day 2017:

(all photos by Ben Barnhart)

Turf Field Day 2019: The day included an on-site trade show, with many industry representatives on hand.
Turf Field Day 2019: Weed Specialist Randy Prostak spoke on strategies for weed control in conjunction with spring seeding.
Turf Field Day 2019: Research Associate Michaela Elliot spoke on fairway rolling for dollar spot suppression
Turf Field Day 2019: Dr. Geunhwa Jung presented research about SDHI resistance in the dollar spot pathogen
Turf Field Day 2019: Dr. Mandy Bayer demonstrated planting techniques for native ornamentals
Turf Field Day 2019: Dr. Bill Dest reported on research into organic vs. conventional sports field management
Turf Field Day 2019: Dr. Scott Ebdon spoke about research for grass tennis surfaces
Turf Field Day 2019: Dr. Michelle DaCosta and graduate student Jeff Lu presented on drought resistance of Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue
Turf Field Day 2019: Dr. Olga Kostromytska demonstrated scouting techniques for common insect pests
Turf Field Day 2019: Dr. Lindsey Hoffman discusses establishment techniques for winter recovery
Turf Field Day 2019: Dr. Prasanta Bhowmik presented research on novel weed control in turf systems
Turf Field Day 2019: UMass-based pick up band Machine Shop provided lunch time entertainment