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Saving Water: Bentgrasses & Drought Tolerance Study

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UMass Extension
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One of the key missions of the UMass Extension Turf Program is to promote natural resource protection through responsible turf management. The following featured videos profile current UMass research for which the primary focus is the conservation and protection of one of our most precious natural resources: water.

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Presenter - Dr. Michelle DaCosta, Turf Physiologist

One of the most important challenges facing the golf-turf industry is dealing with drought stress. At the same time, water conservation is more important than ever before. Because fairways comprise a majority of irrigated turfgrass on golf courses, the ability to maintain quality fairways with minimal irrigation is crucial. However, more information is required to develop cultural practices that may reduce irrigation requirements and improve turf quality of fairway grasses under reduced irrigation. Research at UMass hopes to address some of these questions in the coming years with the help of a new rain-exclusion system.

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Water Conservation