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UMass Extension Turf Program

The UMass Extension Turf Program is a research-based team of faculty and professional, technical, and support staff. As part of UMass Extension within the UMass Center for Agriculture, Food & the Environment, we strive to address the highest priority needs of turf-related industries as well as the citizens of the Commonwealth. Our mission is to develop, research, gather, and share knowledge on safe, efficient, economically viable and environmentally sound turf management with emphasis on natural resource protection.

Join the UMass Turf Team for a classic, in-person morning of education and insight… on our turf!  Field Day is the biennial ‘open house’ for turf industry practitioners and associates at the UMass Joseph Troll Turf Research Center.  Take a short break from your busy schedule and get the latest on current research at UMass.  Learn more >>

There are currently no upcoming events.