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Clean Energy Corps member Devon Lukas presents Pioneer Valley GHG Inventory

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September 26, 2019

Clean Energy Corps member Devon Lukas presented preliminary results of her updated greenhouse gas inventory for Hampshire and Hampden counties to the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC) Climate Action/ Clean Energy working group.  Devon replicated the methodology from the previous PVPC greenhouse gas inventory, completed in 2014 with data from 2010, to provide updated values for greenhouse gas emissions current through 2017.  She also provided recommendations regarding an improved, replicable methodology moving forward.  The project was conducted in conjunction with CEE staff River Strong and Zara Dowling, as well as Catherine Ratte, the Principal Planner and Manager of the Land Use / Environment section for PVPC.  A final report on the updated inventory will be shared with PVPC and made publicly available on the CEE website.