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Groundwater Protection Regulations (Zone II)

If you are in a zone II, you are restricted by the state in your use of some pesticide compounds that have leaching potential.  The compounds used in cranberry that are restricted in zone II’s are chlorothalonil (Bravo), dinotefuran (Scorpion), methoxyfenoxide (Intrepid), sulfentrazone (Zeus), and thiamethoxam (Actara).   If you get permission from the UMass Cranberry Station to use one of these in a zone II, then you must notify the MA Department of Agricultural within 10 days of the end of each month.  This form should include all applications made during that month.  You do not need to include chemicals that are not on Groundwater Protection List.  You may use one form to report multiple applications that occurred in the same month.

Groundwater Protection Program Notification Form

Groundwater Protection and Zone II

MDAR Notification Form (fill in online)