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Best Management Practices

In 2010, Massachusetts Farm Bureau and the MA Department of Food and Agricultural Resources engaged the UMass Cranberry Station to revise and expand the existing BMP Guide and make it available as an on-line resource.  This greatly facilitates our ability to periodically revise and add practices as necessary.  Currently, the guide contains 29 practices.  All BMPs were re-formatted in 2010 such that each document is now consistent in style.  The year of the most recent revision of relevant content is listed after each BMP title.

Intro and acknowledgements (revised 2010)

Crop and Pest Management BMPs

Disease Management (revised 2010)

Integrated Pest Management (revised 2010)

Insect Management (revised 2010)

Managing Animal Damage (revised 2010)

Nutrient Management (revised 2010)

Organic Cranberry Management (revised 2010)

Weed Management(revised 2010)

Fresh Fruit Production (revised 2003)

Cultural and Resource Management BMPs

Composting Cranberry Leaves (revised 2010)

Erosion and Sediment Control (revised 2010)

Flood Management (revised 2000)

Frost Management (revised 2000)

Harvest and Post-harvest Management (revised 2000)

Irrigation Management (revised 2000)

On-farm Energy Conservation and Efficiency (revised 2010)

Massachusetts Farm Energy Best Management Practices Guides
Sponsored by MDAR - MFEP's guides include equipment specifications, costs and payback periods and renewable energy technologies (revised 2012)

Pollinator Enhancement (revised 2010)

Pruning (revised 2010)

Sanding (revised 2000)

Sprinkler System Design and Use (revised 2010)

Tile Drains  (revised 2016)

Water Control Structures (revised 2000)

Water Resource Protection and Enhancement (revised 2000)

Pesticide BMPs

Chemigation (revised 2000)

Pesticide Applications (revised 2000)

Pesticide Mixing and Loading (revised 2000)

Pesticide Storage (revised 2000)

Preventing and Responding to a Fuel or Oil Spill (revised 1996)

Rennovation and Construction BMPs

Mineral Soil Bog Construction (revised 2000)

Renovating Producing Cranberry Acreage (revised 2000)

Community BMPs

Neighbor to Neighbor (revised 2010)

Resources (revised 2010)

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