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UMass Cranberry Station Faculty and Staff


Anne Averill
Specialty: Entomology, Insects, Pollination 508-970-7629
Peter Jeranyama
Cranberry Station Interim Director, Extension Associate Professor
Specialty: Plant Physiology 508-970-7636
Casey Kennedy
USDA-ARS Research Hydrologist
Specialty: Hydrology
David Millar
David Millar
USDA-ARS Research Hydrologist
Specialty: Hydrology
Giverson Mupambi
Extension Assistant Professor
Specialty: Cranberry plant physiology 508-970-7638
Director, UMass Cranberry Station; Extension Professor
Specialty: Integrated Pest Management, Weed Science 508-970-7641
Extension Assistant Professor
Specialty: Plant Pathology 508-970-7644

Support and Technical Staff

Krystal DeMoranville
Technical Assistant II
Specialty: Plant Nutrition 508-970-7631
Julian Draz
Technical Assistant I 508-970-7632
Grants and Contracts Coordinator I 508-970-7633
Robyn Hardy
Administrative Assistant 508-970-7635
Richard Leibe
Richard Leibe
Farm and Grounds Manager
Specialty: Facility Maintenance 413-230-1865
Jesus Perez
Skilled Laborer

Professional Staff

Katherine Ghantous
Katherine Ghantous
Extension Educator IV
Specialty: Integrated Pest Management, Weed Science 508-970-7634
Nicole Henderson
USDA-ARS Physical Science Technician 508-219-6155
Joseph Loffredo
USDA-ARS Physical Science Technician 508-219-7858
Martha M. Sylvia
Extension Educator II
Specialty: Entomology (508) 265-6921

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Sandeep Bhatti
Specialty: Remote Sensing, Data Science, Agricultural Water Management 508-970-7630
Brian Makeredza
Specialty: Plant Physiology
Manu Priya
Specialty: Plant Physiology
Salisu Sulley
Specialty: Plant Pathology 508-970-7642
Molly Welsh
Specialty: Hydrology, Biogeochemistry 508-219-7742
Adrian Wiegman
Specialty: Biogeochemistry, Nutrient Cycling, Water Quality, Modeling 508-219-7736