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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: Jul 10, 2020

July 10, 2020

Bloom is finally moving towards mostly set!  Altacor should be on your bog to manage cranberry fruitworm now!  The second spray of Altacor must wait 7 days (label restriction) but it is better to space them 10-14 days apart to increase your coverage time. Delegate and Intrepid are best options after using up your 2 Altacor applications.

 More cases of the tiny brown beetle that causes dark spots the size of a truck on the bog have been reported.  It is NOT fire beetle or rootworm but is it a Cryptocephalus species that we have seen several times before.  The beetle is really small, less than 2 mm - much smaller than a weevil.  If you sweep through the spots you will get dozens of them.  The damage is significant on the tips, buds, and flowers. Treatment, unfortunately, is Diazinon or Actara, both bad bee killers so wait until there is no bloom and/or your bees have been removed.

 Cranberry weevil has already hatched out and been swept in high numbers.  Check your bog. Again, if you are going to treat with Actara (the only option) - wait until there is no bloom and/or your bees have been removed.

Some significant infestations of Yellow Loosestrife have been seen.  We don’t have data to show how effective removing the flower stalks might be, but one grower is trying it, so we may have some anecdotal information later.  The best choice for YLS control is QuinStar but some handlers are restricting its use due to MRL issues in some markets.  Callisto POST will likely be ineffective.