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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: Jul 15, 2009

July 15, 2009

We cannot stress enough the importance of correct timing of CFW sprays. Please see pages 14-15 in the 2009 Chart Book for exact details. Although there have been reports of weevils and BHF problems, it seems like a relatively quiet year on the whole.

Applications of Admire can be used for control of soil insects once the bees are gone. Admire is not compatible with bees. Poast can still be applied for control of grasses but it has a 60-day PHI and cannot be chemigated. You can apply it aerially or as a spot-treatment. Since crop oil concentrate is added with Poast, be very careful if blooms are still around (some Howes still have flowers) and if the weather is hot. I have gotten reports from growers who combined Poast and Callisto with very good results and no indication of vine injury. We still have time (Callisto does have a 45-day PHI). Please remember; it is ILLEGAL to chemigate Poast, so a combined spray must be put on by ground.

Stevens seem particularly susceptible to Yellow Vine Syndrome, and then next is Ben Lear. YVS is associated with fluctuating water table issues; either it is too wet or too dry. Casoron use seems to exacerbate the syndrome, but is not the cause of it. Consider installing a water level float to help you manage your water levels.

If anyone is trying QuinStar, the Section 18 expires July 31, 2009. If anyone has tried the 12 oz rate, I would be interested to hear if it worked for you. We sprayed dodder last week, but have not seen any symptoms yet.