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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: Jul 20, 2018

July 20, 2018

Many bee hives are being picked up this week.  Weevil numbers have dropped but if you are over threshold, Actara can also be used against the summer generation.  Actara is Restricted Use and Zone II restricted.  It is also highly toxic to bees.  It cannot be used on flow-through bogs or applied by air.  Water must be held for 5 days after application. Check with your handler if you are not sure about any particular restrictions for pesticide use.

For cranberry fruitworm, Intrepid or Delegate are good choices for your 3rd fruitworm spray, if needed.  If you are doing fruit checks for cranberry fruitworm eggs, be aware of scale.  We have seen little red spots on berries caused by scale.

For OS growers doing export processed fruit, Evito and Bravo cannot be used after July 25.  Quinstar use is prohibited for export processed fruit. Some handlers are prohibiting the use of Evito so ALWAYS check with your handler to be sure you are in the correct time frame to use a particular compound and to confirm which compounds you CANNOT use.

Poast and QuinStar have 60 day PHIs. Chlorothalonil products have 50-day PHIs. Fact-acting fertilizer applications (about 30-40% N) for all but the new hybrids go out at 75% out of bloom or late set. Those fertilizing the new hybrids should be on an every 7-day schedule, starting with first fruit set and following with 2 more applications.

If you are using Ferbam for fairy ring control, it goes out as a soil drench and applications must be done by July 31st.  Apply at a rate of 1 gallon of mixture per each square foot.