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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: July 14, 2023

July 14, 2023

Cranberry Weevil is once again causing big trouble.  This week, many growers reported over threshold (9+ in summer) counts ranging from 10-40 count per sweep set on the bog.  The only option we have for managing summer weevil is Actara (thiamethoxam).  You can NOT treat with Actara if you have bloom on your bog or have contracted pollination services.  If you can get the honey bee hives removed by the beekeeper and the bloom is gone on a piece, THEN you can apply Actara.  Actara is extremely toxic to bees, and the label is very clear. 

Pesticide Use Reports - MDAR has changed policy for submitting the 2022 Pesticide Use Report!  All reports must be submitted electronically.  They are due Sept 1.  All licensed and certified pesticide applicators are required to submit annual reports of the quantities of all pesticides used.  Here is the link to find the form  Each product can be entered using the EPA Registration Number, which then autofills.  If you are having terrible trouble, call Marty (508-265-6921).

Altacor Evo - FYI, Our superior cranberry fruitworm management tool Altacor (chlorantraniliprole) has a new formulation.  Now Altacor can only be bought as Altacor Evo, similar to the change we saw with Avaunt to Avaunt Evo several years ago.  The rate for old Altacor is 4.5 oz per acre, while the Altacor Evo is 2.2 oz.  The new formulation is the same active ingredient but more concentrated.  Be sure to note if you have the new or the old compound when measuring!  But remarkably, the new formulation is cheaper per application!

Golden Casebearer has been reported at low numbers (2-4 per sweep set) on a number of bogs this past week.  We are not seeing damage associated with them now.  We believe they have already mated, laid eggs, the eggs have dropped to the floor of the bog and hatched where they feed on detritus and leaf litter.  They do NOT warrant a spray at this point.  If you are finding them, be aware and put them on your radar for early June next year.  If you find big numbers then, it would warrant a spray (Diazinon, unfortunately).