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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: July 16, 2021

July 16, 2021

Most growers are finishing up fruitworm and fungicide spraying. Altacor for fruitworm is a good choice and you should allow at least 7 days between applications, 10-14 is better. It does have a good residual but don’t take chances and possibly miss your application window. Do not exceed 9 oz/A per season. (Monika Shuler): Weevil still high in some places and some extensive damage here and there. Spag trap counts down significantly. 

As per the label, first application of the most of the commonly used registered copper products (e.g., Badge SC, Champ, Previsto, Mastercop, Blulogic) for fruit rot management are recommended for late bloom. Additional applications may be applied at 7-14 days interval.

Now is getting towards the end of the window to treat poison ivy with concentrated Callisto sprays.  Plan to treat twice and allow at least 14 days between applications.  Just spray to wet the leaves, not to run-off.  Always add an adjuvant (NIS).

Poast and QuinStar have 60-day PHIs. Fact-acting fertilizer applications (about 30-40% N) for all but the new hybrids go out at 75% out of bloom or late set. Those fertilizing the new hybrids should be on an every 7-day schedule, starting with first fruit set and following with 2 more applications. If you are using Ferbam for fairy ring control, it goes out as a soil drench and applications must be done by July 31st. Apply at a rate of 1 gallon of mixture per each square foot.

If you have a bog or a section of the bog diagnosed with phytophthora root rot, after improving drainage, ideal time to apply fungicides is when soil temperatures are conducive for root development and pathogen multiplication (May, June, July and August).

At this time, the University is planning to fully re-open to pre-pandemic operation on Monday August 2; the Station will be back open on that date. The next Oversight meeting will follow the CCCGA summer meeting, August 18, at 1 pm at the Upland Club.  All are welcome.