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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: July 23, 2021

July 23, 2021

If growers missed the timing on their Altacor, red berries are starting to show up.  Chasing these with very expensive Delegate is likely a bad idea as it will only hit a few of the larvae in the berries.  However, timing now with Delegate or Intrepid is rather good if you had high Sparganothis moth flight and want to hit those hatching eggs and young larvae.

Weevil counts continue to be reported and if your bees have been pulled, an Actara could go on at this time.  However, make sure the weevil are still there and have not moved into the woods for the winter.  Unless you have very high numbers (15-20+), it may be unwise to hit the population again with Actara, building resistance faster.

Flea Beetle has begun to be reported.  Diazinon is the only available options for these insects and unless you have very high numbers (25+) you should choose to let them run their course.

Scale spots are quite apparent on bogs where they the young "white caps" are feeding.  Diazinon at this point will only hit a small segment of the population.  Another "release" of crawlers is expected in the 2nd week of August and that might be a better time to use the Diazinon if you think you have an active population.