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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: July 25, 2020

July 25, 2020

Some yellow vine syndrome symptoms are showing up.  This is not unexpected as we see this when vines are under stress, usually from heat or water imbalances.  There is not much to do at this point except to monitor soil moisture and irrigate regularly as needed.  Photos below submitted by E. Saalau-Rojas, Ocean Spray Cranberries.

I have gotten a few calls regarding Callisto. You are permitted only 2 applications (total) to the bog area.  This counts whether applied by boom, chemigation or any combination of application methods. Even if you only apply 4 oz/A each time (thus staying under the 16 oz/A limit), you can only make 2 applications. If you chemigated Callisto and If a portion of your bog did not get treated for some reason (blocked head, etc) and you have weed escapes, you can spot-treat that portion of bog. You should carefully note this in your pesticide records, so it does not read as 3 applications to the same piece. I have checked with Syngenta and they will not support increasing the number of applications to 3.  Keep in mind, the Special Local Needs label (SLN) for the concentrated spot treatment is associated with the Callisto label, not other mesotrione products. Callisto has a 45-day PHI.  Poast has a 60-day PHI.

Treatments for fairy ring can go out in July.  Ferbam is used but must be applied by July 31 and can only be used once.  Treat 3 ft beyond the advancing ring of dying vines and 2 feet within the line.  Sul-Po-Mag or K-Mag can be used to help vines recover mid-August through October.  Remember that Abound and Indar are considered high risk materials for resistance development; rotate other fungicides into your schedule as needed.

We will be offering two 2-hr workshops on August 18 and Aug 20 from 6-8 pm.  More information will be coming soon. These will be offered on zoom. Pesticide contact hours will be available.  I am looking for dodder sites to collect samples from.  If you have any dodder and wouldn’t mind me collecting a few samples here and there, please let me know. or x21.

Yellow vine syndrome symptoms

Yellow vine syndrome symptoms Yellow vine syndrome symptoms