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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: July 9, 2021

July 9, 2021

Weevil is definitely an issue! We have heard reports of very high sweep counts. You must wait until bees are removed to spray Actara! Exirel is not a good option for weevil and certainly not at this time of year (cannot be used during bloom and is expensive).

Casebearer and scale still problematic and should be on your radar. Spag activity seems higher than usual with overlapping generations and fairly high trap counts. Infestations may warrant an Intrepid or Delegate timed after the 2 Altacors.

Grass herbicides are a good option this time of year.  Remember, Intensity One is the only grass herbicide that can be chemigated. These POST herbicides are most effective if applied before the grass is flowering.  You will still get efficacy if they are flowering, just less than if applied prior to flowering.  Always add an adjuvant to maximize efficacy.

Please find the graph below with data from July 7th, 2021, on “% In Bloom” and “% Out of Bloom” of various cranberry cultivars at State Bog. Timely application of management strategies with consistent monitoring of bloom is critical to achieve the best fruit quality. Bloom monitoring is also important if any of your handler chemical-usage restrictions are associated with bloom progression.

Percent out of bloom graph

If you have a bog or a section of the bog diagnosed with Phytophthora root rot, after improving drainage, the ideal time to apply fungicides (foliar application of phosphonates or soil application of phenylamides) is when soil temperatures are conducive for root development and pathogen multiplication (May, June, July and August).

While many of you are up for "audit" this year on your pesticide certification, the July 1 deadline only refers to the time to which you can accrue credits. Credit paperwork does not need to be uploaded immediately; it only needs to be uploaded when you are ready to renew your license in October or November.  Marty will be glad to help when that time comes!  She can be reached at x20.