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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: Jun 1, 2012

June 1, 2012

Pheromone traps should be out on all bogs at this time.  We have traps for blackheaded fireworm, cranberry girdler and Sparganothis.  Traps are used to TIME sprays to control these insects; they are not mass removal traps.  Lures should be replaced about every 3 weeks (keep extras in the fridge or freezer).  Check traps at least weekly; more often if counts are high.  Be sure to record your counts each time.  Use 1 trap for every 10 acres (of management unit) and place on the upwind side of the bog such that the pheromone will travel across the bog.  Remember some non-target moths may get caught in the trap so be clear on your ID of the moths (see pix below).  Intrepid and Confirm sprays go on several weeks earlier than conventional sprays. Check the Chart Book for more details.  BHF moths were seen in flight earlier this week.  Cutworms are full sized at this point. 

If you opt to mix Callisto and Poast, be sure to provide constant agitation, otherwise some small amounts of precipitate will form.

sparganothis adult mothBlackheaded fireworm mothCranberry girdler adult moth

Pictured left to right: Sparganothis adult moth, Blackheaded fireworm moth, Cranberry girdler adult moth (Courtesy D. Mahr)