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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: Jun 12, 2020

June 12, 2020

As you are getting ready for your first fungicide spray, please note that fungicide applications should have good coverage and take place before fruit rot fungi infect plant tissues. Most fruit rot infections occur during the bloom period and early fruit set, before berries start to size up. Your first application should happen before 50% of flowers are opened. Once the fruit has set and begun to increase in size (mid-late July), fungicides are no longer necessary or effective. If you need have questions related to the choice of fungicides, frequency, how to count bloom and time fungicides please contact Leela Uppala ( or 334-728-1025).

Things have been busy regarding insects on some bogs.  Weevil in high numbers (hi teens) were picked up last week. Remember that it is against the label to apply most of our insecticides once bloom has started. Please read the label prior to application.  Any questions please contact Anne or Marty at or

Grass herbicides can be applied multiple times throughout the growing season. They are most effective if applied before grasses flower, so depending on what species you have out on your bog, you might apply in late April early May, and then again in mid-late summer.  Several cautions when using grass herbicides.  For the clethodim products (Select, Intensity), fusion of the flower petals of cranberry are associated with applications made during roughneck, so avoid applying during that stage.  We have special local need labels (24c or SLNs) for Intensity products that permit chemigation and application between hook and fruit set.  The special labels are available on our web site under Services/special pesticide labels or at your point of purchase. Even though it contains clethodim, these modifications do NOT apply to Select products.  Select and Poast (sethoxydim) cannot be chemigated.  Any questions, please contact Hilary x21 or