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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: Jun 14, 2019

June 14, 2019

Crimson Queens and Ben Lears (on State Bog) seem the most advanced as of 6/14 with just a few blossoms open. ST and EB are still mostly pods and Howes even less. The biggest challenge is that next week looks like 5 or 6 days of rain.  It would be too early to spray for scale or fruit rot today or Saturday but waiting through all the rain may put us at the end of the best timing for spraying. As always, just watch the weather (maybe we will get a dry period) and be ready to spring into action if and when a good window opens.  If you are seeing Spag in your nets, they are not quite full size (now about the size of 2/3 a cranberry leaf). The progress of scale and weevil populations seems delayed due to our cool wet May and part of June.

If you are using pheromone traps, check them weekly and record your numbers.  Change them as they become messy and replace your lures at least once per month.  If you know you have scale or think you do, please contact the Entomology Lab to confirm the infestation and receive management recommendations.  Some labels have RESTRICTIONS regarding application with bloom and/or bees present, so READ the label of the product you are using.

I have had a few calls about using Callisto around or during bloom.  We have not seen any issues with bloom applications, however, I think that whenever you can avoid applying herbicides during bloom, you should.  Also, exercise caution with whatever adjuvants you use, particularly with Crop Oil as it can hurt delicate tissues like petals. I use a general rule that if the temperature and the relative humidity add up to be >150, you should be very careful about applying POST herbicides. If you have experience with using Callisto during bloom, I would be grateful to hear about your experience. Also, if you have used QuinStar on new plantings or mowed vines, I would appreciate hearing your thoughts.

We will be hosting a bogside workshop on Wednesday June 26 from 10-noon. 2 contact hours will be offered.  We will be covering issues of the day along with topics such as collecting good samples for pest diagnosis, using GDD, and interpreting tissue tests.