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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: Jun 26, 2012

June 26, 2012

Second generation black-headed fireworm is active during bloom. The timing for BHF is 2 weeks after the ONSET of flight if using growth regulators like Confirm or Intrepid (and again 10 days later). For other insecticides, including Delegate and Avaunt, apply 10 days after peak flight, which is usually during bloom. 

Many cultivars have reached 50% oob already. See page 15 of the Chart Book on calculating %oob. Timing of this spray is critical. The timing is 0-7 days after 50% oob for ST, EB and BL and 7-9 days for Howes. Your second treatment (if you are planning on this) goes out 10 days later. Fruit inspection starts 1 week after the second treatment. 

Handlers have various restrictions regarding use patterns for several pesticides. Be sure to consult with your handler to keep in compliance. For example (according to lists issued in the spring), for Ocean Spray export processed fruit, Lorsban and Orthene cannot be used after scattered bloom or June 22, whichever comes first. Altacor cannot be used after July 15. Fresh fruit export has similar restrictions plus no Sevin after June 15 or scattered bloom, whichever is first and no Bravo after July 15. There are more restrictions on these lists and changes may have occurred since the lists I have in hand were distributed so be sure to verify what is permissible for your handler before applying pesticides. 

I do apologize for the error in speech that I made regarding Altacor on the IPM message (phone) for June 13. Altacor IS bee-safe. The web site information is and has been correct; I misspoke when making the phone announcement. I am sorry for any confusion this may have caused.