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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: Jun 28, 2019

June 28, 2019

We had a very high blackheaded fireworm trap count this week (380 moths in a week; 82 moths 2 nights ago in one night).  If you did not do a spring spray for BHF, you should keep an eye out.

With this warm good weather for the next few days, we might expect that cranberry fruitworm sprays might be starting next week, certainly on the super hybrids in warm locations. It really seems like bloom is moving fast.  You should get at least 2 out-of-bloom (oob) counts in, hopefully one on either side of 50% so you can do a good estimation of when 50% oob occurred.  

More immediate on your radar should be to be sure you are getting your fungicides out, especially if bloom is moving fast.  You must wait at least 10 days btw Bravo applications. Some folks are thinking about mixing Proline and Altacor and we suggest adding 1 pt/acre adjuvant.

Clarification on the use of adjuvants with Proline.  The use is recommended for some crops as a possible additive and it’s recommended to use the lowest possible rate.  However, there is no specific language that recommends adding an adjuvant for cranberries (listed as the “berry” group).  On the other hand, the label does not prohibit the use.  At this time, the take-home would be you do not have to add an adjuvant with Proline, but you can if you feel it improves the efficacy.

We are seeing a big green spanworm flight - nickel sized light yellow moths have been abundantly seen, and this should certainly be on the radar as a warning for next year’s population.  It is too late for weevil management.  Spag looks to be setting up to be problem as multiple growers have treated this past week for high counts of larvae but pheromone traps are still catching moths too. This indicates impressive overlapping generations.

MDAR sent out pesticide certification audits two weeks ago and I believe you have until 7/31 to obtain your credits. If you are running short, please call me (x21) or Marty (x20) and we will try to help....

Happy 4th!!