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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: Jun 29, 2018

June 29, 2018

Bloom status is really all over the place and very location/variety dependent.  Here at State Bog on June 25, EB were 33% in bloom, 20% out of bloom (oob); MQ were 34% in and 6% oob; ST were 38-50% in and 7-17% out and H were 25% in and 1% oob.  At Rocky Pond (Miles Standish, Plymouth) on June 27, the ST were 49-52% in and 15-20% oob. Late Water bogs have been observed to be at hook or maybe very early scattered bloom. Altacor is the good choice for early fruitworm sprays and Delegate or Diazinon are the preferred compounds for later fruitworm sprays.

If you are trying to control Fairy Ring, Ferbam can be applied at 9 lb/100 gal water through July 31.  Do not apply after July 31.  You can only do one application of Ferbam.  This goes out as a soil drench at a rate of 1 gal/sq ft. Treat 3 ft beyond the advancing ring and 2 feet within the line.

We have had a couple reports of Evital damage showing up.  The symptoms can turn up even several years after an application, especially if the vines get stressed.  The symptoms are distinctive, with whitening in the veins of the leaf and often the leaves will get a red color as well. (please see images below)

If you are using Stinger for control of asters or legume weeds (like wild bean), wait until after fruit set to apply.  Vines are very sensitive to Stinger prior to bloom.  Use the lowest effective rate.  Spray only to wet the leaves, not to run-off.  Minimize drift/contact of Stinger with cranberry vines.  Recovery from Stinger injury can take several years.  Clethodim applications must wait until fruit set; Poast has no timing restrictions during the bloom period. However, always be careful when using crop oil, especially when bloom is out and when the temperatures are high.