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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: June 16, 2023

June 16, 2023

Pheromone traps to monitor for Spag, BHF, and/or cranberry girdler, should be up.

Honey bee deliveries are underway or done at this time. If you are planning to treat with Diazinon for scale, try to allow a few days before bringing in your bees. Please contact Marty at sends e-mail)if you have questions.  

Actara and Avaunt are very hard on the bees, be sure you have enough weevil to warrant a spray at this point. Much of the weevil damage has already happened. 

Most bogs have enough open bloom to receive their first fungicide, especially on the early and super hybrid varieties. Consider using a broad spectrum, like Mancozeb, for your first application.

If you have specific questions about fertilizer, please feel free to contact Peter at sends e-mail). 

We will be hosting an in-person bogside at the station on Thursday June 22, 8-10 am; 1 contact hour will be offered.  Please contact Robyn Hardy for more information ( sends e-mail)).

We have microscopes available for your use. If you feel comfortable with doing it on your own, please come to Room 121 (Diagnostic Lab) in the lab building and help yourself. If you’d like some assistance, contact, Hilary, Marty or Krystal.

If you have specific items you’d like to see addressed in the IPM message, please let me know.