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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: June 25, 2021

June 25, 2021

Although there is much more activity at the station this summer compared to last summer, the Station is still closed to outside visitors, as per university guidelines.  We are still available to receive samples and we are permitted to travel off-site to your bogs.  If you wish to visit with staff member, please contact us ahead of time to make arrangements.  The University is planning to fully re-open on August 2 and since we are “part of campus”, that will be our opening date as well.

First fungicides should be out by now. Depending on how fast (or not) your bloom is moving, second fungicides can go out 7-10 days after the first. Products like Abound, Quadris Top, and Proline can only be used twice per season. These products have the greatest potential for fungi to develop resistance.  Please use according to the label.  Any questions, please contact Leela at 334-728-1025 or x18 at the station.

Early fruit set fertilizers go out at 75% bloom, so some varieties may be due for this feeding dose.  The super hybrids get their second dose at first fruit set, followed by 2 more doses at 7-day intervals.

Dodder strands have been reported and seen in a few locations.  Concentrated Callisto sprays can be used to control dodder; it is best to apply before dodder flowers.  If thin, simply remove strands by hand.  Hand-held torch treatment is incredibly effective on controlling dodder; again, best results when dodder is treated prior to flowering.

Monika Schuler reports things quiet when she was out on Thursday. Bogs in Lakeville area at about 30% set. Rochester at about 10%. Good pollinator activity both honey and bumble bees.She reported seeing remnants of frost damage now. If Spag larvae are seen, they are large, but moths are dominant. Summer weevil starting to emerge. She saw a few brown spanworm larvae but well below threshold.