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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: May 13, 2011

May 13, 2011

Dodder is definitely up and we are all hoping for a good spray window for QuinStar applications.  Dodder ranges from newly emerged to limited coiling around their first host.  QuinStar should still do a good job, even if coiling has just started.  Next week is forecasted to be unsettled as well, so when the window opens, go for it.  As I mentioned in the newsletter, it is fine to mix QuinStar and Callisto; however, we do not have any information on tank mixing with Delegate.  If you have tried it or have information on doing that, please let me know (ext 21).  Insect info is pretty much the same as last week.  Winter moth larvae are out and getting bigger.  The Ent Lab suggests not spraying until you have at least an average of 10 larvae per set and since they are spanworms, perhaps consider using 18 as your AT.  Black-headed fireworm larvae are out and growers are trying to get sprays out to control them.  False armyworm has hatched.  Remember they eat a lot more than winter moth larvae and the AT is 4.5.  Not much word on gypsy moth or blossomworm larvae.