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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: May 22, 2014

May 22, 2014

Scale is showing up more frequently on bogs this spring. 

Clean Sweep reports they are finding more Gypsy moth larvae than usual in the 2nd and 3rd instar. Some bogs are close to threshold of 4.5. They are picking up a few fireworm but not as many as in years past (except on Nantucket). Winter moth counts are similar to what we have seen. Their highest average was 11.5. They report finding yellow-headed fireworm on a non-flooded (winter) bog.

Dodder is up and growing vigorously on a bog that has a historically bad infestation. Dodder was wrapping and most likely attaching to cranberry stems already. Dodder was 2-4 inches long.