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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: May 24, 2012

May 24, 2012

Between the wet spring and frost nights from 2 years ago and the same pattern in 2012, many Phythophthora samples have been coming into the Pathology lab for diagnosis.  First applications for root rot control can go out now.  We are at the tail-end of the first application period.  Make sure you attend to any drainage problems FIRST before starting a fungicide program.  Contact Frank at Ext 18 if you have further questions.

Applications for dodder control with QuinStar are going out now as well (tail-end of this window, too).  To the best of our knowledge, you do not want to water the QuinStar into the soil much after application.  It is a POST emergence application, so target to keep the material where the dodder seedlings are.  This is typically in the canopy (since they have emerged) rather than in the soil.

The Ent lab reports that winter moth is just about finished up.  Spag larvae are out; they can be 0.5 inch long at this point (but won’t get much bigger).  The slate of cutworms is out there.  If they are still small, it can be worth is to spray.  They can get to big quite large and will still consume a lot of tissue to get to that size.  Cranberry weevil counts are up there on some bogs (with a high of about 28).  Avaunt is the good choice for the spring population but you could make a case for Actara if you have been spraying Avaunt for the past few years.  Contact the Ent lab at ext 20 for more information.  Remember Actara is restricted use and Zone II.